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Holiday Park and Innovation Show 2019

Well, what can we say...

The Holiday Park and Innovation Show 2019 was just magical. This was the first time that I have been invited as a guest speaker and we were given the opportunity to share our wonderful experiences of working with so many fantastic holidays parks from all over the UK. We were later inundated with enquiries to potentially start work with new and existing holiday parks and this show has given us the break each year, to take our business up a level. Our small team has also welcomed a new manager (Lewis Tittle) and I'm really excited to watch him grow into this role and smash the results for our new clients.

As a side note, I have been very vocal about mental health over recent months and have tried to push myself into uncomfortable situations to prove that anything can be overcome with a little will power, inner belief and sometimes a little medication to smooth the process. Having had a difficult few months personally, this was a big personal achievement that I hope will inspire others to work hard.

Anything is possible, your dream isn't that far away and I look forward to welcoming all our new clients for the 2020 season. Thank you to those that attended, didn't walk out early and made me feel super welcome! It won't be forgotten.

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